About the SCI Training Program.

About the Training

The SCI Training Program is a one year program aimed to train programming enthusiasts or medium programmers who want to acquire professional programming skills and work ethis.
Rigourously designed to take you through computer science basics and various programming paradigms, you will learn over 5 languages while working on multiple client projects in a fun setting. The programming itself is not fun though. Self discipline and proper work ethics are required for the successful student.


The admissions phase consists of three major stages namely: Application, Testing and Interview. As soon as we advertise, we will open applications into our training program for a period of one to two months. Applications would be approved on an ongoing bases in a first-come, first-served order. Once approved, an applicant may continue to the testing phase where they write and explain an algorithm and also upload and explain a basic/sample code they may have written before.

Our target audience are students who have just finished their NYSC, are willing to acquire strong programming skills and be placed in a good paying company or start their own business later-on. They must also be committed, motivated and focused. They must be willing to attend all training sessions.

The final phase is a physical interview to understand the individual better and estimate their readiness and willingness to learn. For more details see admissions section.


The training process consists of three major phases namely: beginner trainee, working trainee, and Intern. The beginner trainee phase is designed to last for three months and would focus on getting the student through the SCI Training Curriculum within a space of three months fairly at their own pace. At the end of this phase, they may then choose to focus on a particular platform (Android or Web) based on their preference and learning (test results).

The second stage of the training will be focused on delving into more real life projects and mock scenarios with clients. The student will learn tools of the trade, and advance their debugging, testing and problem articulation/solution development skills. As a final test for knowledge, the student ends this phase with writing a test program of their choice as provided from an available pool of choices.


A student is eligible for work placement/internship as soon as they graduate from the working trainee phase. Our binding agreement with the students mandate them to work as our intern for 6 months at the end of their working trainee phase, after which they may obtain their completion certificates and decide if they want to continue with us or not. Trained students/interns may be placed directly to work with a sponsor/paying company while still under us or directly with us on outsourced/external projects.


Students may begin to earn basic stipends once they graduate into the working trainee phase. The stipend will serve as a form of support to help them on their learning phase. Students will have access to stipend of 20k (Accessible from third month), and 50k (Accessible from 6th month). We accept up to 20 programmers per training year.