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About the Training

The SCI Training Program is a one year program aimed to train programming enthusiasts or medium programmers who want to acquire professional programming skills and work ethis.
Rigourously designed to take you through computer science basics and various programming paradigms, you will learn over 5 languages while working on multiple client projects in a fun setting. The programming itself is not fun though. Self discipline and proper work ethics are required for the successful student.

Who We Are

Robotic Systems Ltd. is a group of developers and business professionals working together for good.
We hope to help build and grow the tech ecosystem in Nigeria in collaboration with other parties who understand the value and impact potential for tech talent in today's world.

Our Philosophy

'Think for good' -- We are not just developers and business professionals seeking to create impact and develop useful software for everyday living, but a team who recognizes that at the core of every successful transaction is a happy customer. We attempt to provide users with the best product whilst not limiting their choices or options.

What We Do

Robotic Systems is a fast growing startup focused on offering robust and internationally competitive software development and automation services to businesses.
Our vision is to build smarter software that will improve efficiency in our daily lives and business operations; as well as to build technology capable of changing the environment for the better while creating new jobs and investment opportunities for the youth.

Why We Are Doing This

Because we care. Yes we do. The need for SCI arose with the identification of a strong lack of software development expertise in the Nigerian tech ecosystem. Knowing the potential a strong programmer talent pool has in today's growing economy, we decided it was not the time to sit back and relax, but rather the time to develop and grow a new internationally exportable programming talent pool that can meet the demands of the new and growing SMEs/Industries of today, as well as the rapidly increasing demands arising as a result of increased ICT adoption in various sectors in Nigeria and beyond.

The long term goal of SCI thus is to develop a working pan-atlantic ICT empowerment and learning platform in partnership with MNCs (Multi National Corporations) and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) across Africa, to help in kicking off a rapid guided dispersion of easy to learn programming knowledge, and globally competitive ICT talent pools. It is our hope and interest to collaborate with similar industries with aligning goals/interests to successfully man and spear this initiative to the best successful outcome.