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About the SCI Project

The SCI (School of Computational Intelligence) Project is a project aimed to build and develop interested and capable youth into professional programmers within a period of one year. Spearheaded by Robotic Systems LLC, The long term goal of SCI is to develop a working pan-atlantic ICT empowerment and learning platform in partnership with MNCs (Multi National Corporations) and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) across Africa, to kick off a globally competitive ICT exporting talent pool.


A start to Awesomeness

The beginner trainee phase is designed to last for three months and would focus on getting the student through the SCI Training Curriculum within a space of three months fairly at their own pace. Each student will be assigned to a trainer at the beginning of this phase who they can always/exclusively meet for personal guidance. At the end of this phase, they may choose a specialization area in web or mobile development based on their preference and learning (test results).

A programmer's journey

The second stage of the training will be focused on delving into more real life projects and mock scenarios with clients. The student will learn tools of the trade, and advance their debugging, testing and problem articulation/solution development skills. As a final test for knowledge, the student ends this phase with writing a test program of their choice as provided from an available pool of choices. This phase will last for a maximum period of 3 months, at the end of which they may be placed with a company if they succeed in the graduation tests.

The real deal

The third and final stage of the training is internship. On completion of the working trainee phase, a student will automatically become eligible for internship/placement. Once a student enters this phase and is placed, they may begin to earn a stipend/allowance of 50k. We will also begin a monthly QA (Question and Answer) with the project manager or company working with you to access your working relationships skills and performance. This period is designed to last for 6 months starting from placement, after which the student may decide to continue working with us, the placed company or not.

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